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About Lifesimmer

Hello to everyone reading this, Im Lifesimmer and this is my "About Me" page.

My Life- Im a teenage girl that enjoys making lets plays, there enjoyable from my very hetic everyday life. Im your typical girly girl. I adore just playing around with makeup and doing my hair. *Fun Fact : I had a Makeup channel before my Gaming channel.* I have always been obessed with gaming. 

  I've been addicted to the sims since i was 5years old. My cousin showed my 'The Sims' and then i fell in love.I begin playing 'The Sims' and 'The Sims 2'. I would wake up at 5am just to play the game. Then i purchased 'The Sims 3' which i had then begin thinking of making a LP.. I would talk to myself while i just played my gameplay and thought i would take it to another leval and try to make these "Lets Plays". So come Summer 2011 , I started my LP on Generations.

Now here we are Summer 2012, will 2,103 subscribers (Sept.8th). This channel has truly changed my life in all postive ways.